Here is a preview of Republic, a film I worked on with sculptural artist Darren Lago. Republic was shown as part of the Frieze Arts Fair 2011 in London. 

This is a promotional video I produced for Plymouth University Christian Union. The video focuses on the weekly main meeting. 

I do not own any of the rights to the song. All credit goes to Chicane for their song Poppiholla.

I am now in the process of considering ideas for final year modules, focusing in particular on the Individual Practice and Audio Visual projects. This short experimental film focuses on the concepts of rotation, spinning and upside down. For my 3rd year I am looking to focus my work on surrealism and the unconscious.

Following tutor feedback I have carried out a further alteration to my piece. My tutor felt that the boxes would be more artistic if they were all painted white, instead of all being wrapped in white paper. This would also develop the sculptural aspect of the stacked boxes.

Having determined the layout for the boxes and completed painting I can now focus tomorrow on connecting up the cameras in their respective boxes. 

Here are some experimental photographs taken on my Canon 550D first SLR I recently purchased. I’m particularly impressed with the colour detail and focus potential of the camera. 

Editing in progress for Independent Film Styles project. A married couple feel trapped in their relationship and both wish to escape each other.

Here is my final documentary, Give and Let Live, produced for my Media Arts documentary project. The documentary explores the character and working environment in the Plymouth Cancer Research UK shop on Cornwall Street.

Great progress made with editing for my documentary. I have been sequencing interviews and concentrating on audio levels. Today I also received a first draft copy of the music from my composer. The music fits perfectly with the sequence and the classical style used is subtle, avoiding audience distraction from the subject matter.

Documentary Soundtrack

I have been in contact with a 2nd year Music student who has agreed to compose a soundtrack for my documentary. We discussed initial ideas today and considered suitable genres to carry the subject matter. Together we felt that the classical genre would be most suitable and least likely to re-tract viewers away from the real purpose of the documentary. My composer has said she will send me a draft piece by the end of this week for me to test against the edited sequence so far.

Today I began editing for my documentary on charity shops. Having decided to focus on one specific charity shop I will be documenting the working processes within the Cancer Research UK shop on Cornwall Street. Today I have been mainly focusing on the audio and editing the interviews. Through assembling the necessary audio I can now begin to focus on the visuals which will support the interviewee contributions.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be re-shooting the manager’s interview and interviewing more volunteers and filming them at work on the shop floor and upstairs in the storeroom.